ISF Igniter 22 Program Details

Program Details

In the age of science and technology, it is time to take back our future. This knowledge hunt born from the ashes is the opportunity to explore the world of science, technology, and innovation.The ISF Igniter ’22 will be a flagship event organized and hosted by the Indian Science Forum where we celebrate the knowledge of science of the past, present, and future.The event to be hosted will be open to participation from students from Grade 5 to Grade 12 currently enrolled in the Indian Schools in Oman.


The quiz will be conducted in two categories
Juniors – Grade 5 to Grade 8
Seniors – Grade 9 to Grade 12

Important Dates

Online Written Prelims – 21st and 22nd October 2022. (Seniors – 9am, Juniors – 10am)
Semi Finals (Online Buzzer) – 2nd November 2022. (Juniors – 6pm, Seniors – 7pm)
Finals (Online Buzzer) – 4th November 2022. (Seniors – 9am, Juniors – 10.30am)

The event is open to all students from the Indian Schools in Oman. Each team should consist of 2 students, where both students shall be from the same school and same category.


Teams can register online through –  or Scan QR Code.
Last Day of Registration – 18th October 2022

Registration is Free.

Quiz Format

  • The online written prelims will include a set of predefined questions common to all participants where the teams need to type in the answers for each question on the screen. The teams will be selected based on top score, in built tie breakers and time. The top 20 teams (maximum of 2 teams per school) from each category will qualify to semis.
  • The Junior and senior teams qualifying to the semi-finals will attend an online buzzer live quiz, and the top 6 teams from each category will qualify to the finals.
  • The finals will be an online buzzer format and will be telecasted on all major social media platforms.

About the Quiz

The quiz is a homage to the field of science and India’s contribution to said field. Thus, the quiz will comprise of questions from the field of science from across the universe while highlighting India. The following topics will be covered in the quiz through all stages. i.e., Branches of Sciences, Famous scientists, Energy, Technology, and innovation in the field of science, Science Fiction and authors, Medicine, Health and Human Body, Environment and Climates, Space Science, Animal Kingdom etc.  in form of text, images and/or audio-visual basis.

The quiz is organized by Indian Science Forum, under the banner of Indian Social Club. The quiz will be hosted by Hala Jamal, Muscat’s renowned quizmaster.

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